About Zinc Door

At Zinc Door, we're fiercely infatuated with the cultivation of today's modern lifestyle. Our desire knows no bounds and the pursuit is our passion. Here, you will find the result of our obsession: a collection of home furnishings and decor inspired by and evolved from 20th century classics. We're fueled by a need to present you the industry's most sought-after modern designs. We do so with a discerning eye that stops at nothing but the exceptional.

We seek pieces that punch. We crave edgy distinction as much as classic sophistication. From mid-century modern masterpieces to '30s art deco rarities, we hunt for finds that leave us intoxicated. When it comes to your interior, we don't believe in settling. We look beyond simply the best. It's the unforgettable we're after.

Brought to you by owner and curator Wendy Estes, Zinc Door lives by one mission: discover extraordinary furnishings, decor, lighting, rugs, and bedding to help the modern decor enthusiast express statement style. We're extremely lucky to feed our design desire every day. Now, it's time to feed yours.