• 1Arteriors Sander Iron Cocktail Table
    Arteriors Sander Iron Cocktail Table

    "What I love is the balance of the design. It feels old. It feels new. It can stand alone as a statement piece but still play well with others in a room."

  • 2Global Views Baguette Floating Console
    Global Views Baguette Floating Console

    "Furniture doesn't always have to sit on the floor. A wall mounted console is a great way to mix it up, and the heaviness of this wood counterbalances the airiness of having it on the wall."

  • 3Bliss Studio Art Deco Industrial Bookcase
    Bliss Studio Art Deco Industrial Bookcase

    "When you've got it, flaunt it. And this bookcase has it! It looks great with books but also with minimal accessories and would be perfect as a divider in an open loft."

  • 4Jonathan Adler Bond Console
    Jonathan Adler Bond Console

    "There's something so sexy about this piece of furniture. I love the mix of lucite and glossy burled wood. Every room needs a good mix of textures to make it sing."

  • 5Capel Rugs Pisa Steel Wool Rug
    Capel Rugs Pisa Steel Wool Rug

    "I'm a big fan of bold rugs. It's your fifth wall and if you're timid to go bold on your walls, it's a perfect way to add drama."

  • 6Marquette Chair
    Marquette Chair

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I usually go more modern with my lines but sometimes there's nothing better than a cozy chair like this one. It's sophisticated and timeless."

  • 7DL Rhein Honeycomb Green Apple Embroidered Pillow
    DL Rhein Honeycomb Green Apple Embroidered Pillow

    "I never get sick of a good geometric pillow, and this one I love. The color is perfect and it will instantly brighten up any room or sofa."

  • 8Newport Rectangle Mirror
    Newport Rectangle Mirror

    "I love a product that gives you variety and the chance to personalize it, and with all these amazing color choices it's the perfect vehicle to add a little fun on your walls."