Tailored Tabletop - Expert stylists Justina Blakeney and Anne Sage dish out tasteful tips for a holiday tabletop.
Tailored Tabletop by Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Justine Blakeney

I like to call my holiday look "Morocco meets winter wonderland", which represents my whimsical, multi-cultured and bohemian personal style. To craft it, I've paired traditional holiday themes like reindeer, stars and pinecones with Moroccan and Indian elements such as the block-print napkins and glasses. A color palette of blue and gold creates a tabletop that is festive, modern and cohesive, so it feels both current and thematic. To get this look at home, try combining vintage pieces (like my brass reindeer) with modern elements (like my gold-dipper glasses). Also, think outside the box; instead of a traditional tablecloth and runner, I've made this table my own by using an Indian scarf and bits of leftover wallpaper. Visit Justine's blog justinablakeney.com

Tailored Tabletop by Anne Sage Anne Sage
Photo credit: Meghan Klein

Anne Sage

My table is a mix of mid-century glamour and playful holiday touches. Best described as "earthy vintage", my
signature style means I'm always on the hunt for neutral pieces that channel a subtle retro vibe, and for textural
interest through finishes like wood, ceramic and metallic. To get this look, start with restrained colors as your foundation, like the neutral black, ivory and linen shades seen here. Build on that palette with burgundy and gold for both drama and festive flair. Focus on clean lines and choose tableware that isn't too delicate; the weightiness will feel both warm and modern. Visit Anne's blog annesage.com